Free Walking Tour.

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The Free Walking Tour is a guided tour of the city through which locals and visitors can learn about the most important historical, architectural and development aspects of the capital of Quindío.
Having as a meeting point the Founders Park, surrounded by leafy trees, well-kept gardens and with a ditch that can be crossed by small stone passages, the Free Walking Tour, which lasts approximately two hours, runs along Avenida Bolívar, the Open Skies Shopping Center, commercial and pedestrian reference of the town until reaching the Plaza Bolivar, where the Monument to the Effort, the bronze statue of the liberator Simón Bolívar, the lnmaculada Concepción Cathedral and the 19-story building where the Governorate of the department of Quindío.

During the tour the attendees can also enjoy and learn a bit about the cultural, architectural, gardens and landscape benefits of the city. As well as, the implications and states of development of the city after being affected by the earthquake of January 25, 1999.

The Free Walking Tour, becomes an ideal plan to take photos, enjoy the warmth of the climate and good works of a city, which in its spaces includes respect and conservation of nature.




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