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Avitourism. Privileging nature through its preservation and sustainability is the fundamental principle of ecological tourism or ecotourism, a form of travel that has in Quindío a territory of great potential due to the large number of reserves and parks. And the best for the ecotourist: they are very close to each other, because of the proximity of the towns that treasure such beautiful scenery and abundant species.

It was precisely this quality of the region that was one of the components taken into account by Unesco to declare the coffee cultural landscape as a world heritage, because not many places in the world can gather so many exclusive reasons to put together a set of full harmony between the environment, man and idiosyncrasy, as in this ecological part of the Andean region.
There are essentially two ways to practice ecological tourism in Quindío: avitourism and interpretive trails, and both necessarily correlated, since bird watching is only possible with calm, silent and respectful transit of roads demarcated between forest landscapes , valleys and mountains.


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