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If there is an advantage that tourists find when arriving at Quindío, it is the proximity of their populations and tourist attractors, as well as the optimal connection between them due to the adequate condition of the main and secondary roads. This condition is even more striking to travelers who arrive in a business plan, conferences, events and conventions for whom many times the time is more limited, but reason that can not be an excuse to stop appreciating a dreamland like Quindiana.

The tourism of events and conventions in Quindío is far from what can happen in the immense cities of the world, where congestion or overpopulation, usually give the foreigner barely the opportunity to fulfill their commitment and return. In this region, the same thing does not happen, because there will always be a space on the agenda for, after attending meetings in very pleasant surroundings, to get to know its culture and its landscapes.

In the center-west of Colombia, with a pleasant average temperature and on the coffee mountains of the Central mountain range, this department gathers a good amount of reasons for the businessmen to think of it as the seat of fairs and congresses. Access by land, or through the El Edén International Airport, provides practical alternatives to travel to accommodation in urban and rural areas.


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