Filandia was inhabited before its foundation by a part of the indigenous tribe of the Quimbayas. The Spanish conquistadors initially called it, in 1540 Quimbaya Province. The indigenous Quimbaya tribe were not belligerent or aggressive, because the Quimbayas had the good sense of organization and work, but they kept the instinct of war and prepared for it with poisoned spears and darts; protected by the natural form of abrupt and jungle terrains, they defended their women, their families and their crops with dignity and preferred to be buried with their wealth and treasures to surrender to the European usurper. Filandia towards part of the “province Quimbaya”, denominated thus by the Spanish invading conquerors who arrived in search of gold in the period of the colony in 1.540.

Currently Filandia is characterized by the beauty of its architecture and the hospitality of its people. It is wonderful to know the city, walk its streets and sit down to have a delicious coffee.


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