Salento is a Colombian municipality in the department of Quindío. He is called Father del Quindío because he is the oldest municipality in this department, he is known as the place of origin of the National Park “La Palma de Cera”, it has a wide variety of tourist attractions, including the Valle del Cocora, from where it can be found. find a natural landscape, such as the Barranquero Momotus momota, a bird commonly seen. You can make ecological walks and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this city. According to the Honorable Ayuntamiento, it was considered as the foundation closing on the 5th of April 1842. All years are celebrated for the traditional celebrations of their foundation between the children and the candy.

The average temperature is 18 centigrade degrees and has an approximate population in the urban area of ​​3,000 inhabitants and in the rural area of ​​5,500 inhabitants.

It is distinguished by the architecture of its plaza, its ancient houses in clay walls, clay and bamboo (constructive structure known as bareque). It is also characterized by the kindness of its inhabitants, the artistic expressions of the callers, its beautiful landscape and its excellent climate.



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