lookout Concorde Coffee – (Mirador Café Concorde)

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Café Concorde is tradition, it is culture, it is passion.
We are a company with more than 50 years of experience
Over several generations we have grown, we have been
present always in the life of the coffee growers of the region,
we seek to produce the best grain, with the best agronomic practices
to achieve durability and sustainability over time,
leaving a legacy to future generations, which allows to guarantee
and always preserve the same quality that characterizes our products,
our coffee, the coffee of the region.

Culture Center Park Quimbaya Gold Museum – (Parque Museo del Oro Quimbaya)

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Open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m., except holidays, with guided tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Free entrance.
The tour lasts approximately 1 hour +30 min if you walk through the gardens. It is a beautiful place. The guide for the rooms is only 50 minutes. So the rest of the time is to contemplate the architecture of the place and delight in the children’s library and rest areas.

El Paraíso del Bambú y la Guadua (The Bamboo Paradise and the Guadua)

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It is a company that provides educational agro-tourism services around Guadua, bamboo and organic agriculture, innovating in environmental education around an emblematic plant of the Coffee Cultural Landscape such as guadua.

El Parque de la Vida (The Park of Life)

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Moments to share with nature. Between 7 and 8 hectares of green, waterfalls that reach a beautiful lake.

It is the largest natural area within the city of Armenia, where you can breathe fresh air, walk, exercise early without any danger and enjoy the Coffee Cultural Landscape, through its guaduales and trails.

The Park has a path of 2 kilometers between the beautiful Guinduales of Quindío and a natural ravine. A lake that extends through the middle of the park in waterfalls, inhabited by fish, ducks and geese, adorns the space and meets a stage where you can enjoy all the artistic and cultural expressions with stands for the public.


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Filandia was inhabited before its foundation by a part of the indigenous tribe of the Quimbayas. The Spanish conquistadors initially called it, in 1540 Quimbaya Province. The indigenous Quimbaya tribe were not belligerent or aggressive, because the Quimbayas had the good sense of organization and work, but they kept the instinct of war and prepared […]


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National Coffee Park (Parque Nacional del Café)

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They have an area of 96 hectares, 56 of them built in a perfect blend between traditional and modern, in which more than 20 mechanical and cultural attractions are immersed between trees and plants; with an average temperature of 21 degrees. The Coffee Park is a journey through the customs of a tradition that extends […]